“Sweet Hippie Chick”

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She had long hair, wore a peace sign necklace & the scent of patchouli was all around her. She loved music and could be seen hanging out with the band. She had an innocent look, but she was wise. She knew her Sun sign, which was Libra. She was in love with love and wrote poetry. She was Peace, love, joy & happiness all rolled into one. She was a child of her times. 60’s brought us so many things. One thing everyone will remember is the scent of Patchouli! It’s a love it or hate it scent.  I like to blend it with citrus oils which bring a lighter feel to a heavy scent. 

EO Blend of patchouli, geranium & lavender, grounding with a soft flowery element that compliments it. 

ingredients~olive, sustainable palm, coconut, rice bran, Shea butter, castor, mica


~*Color can vary in different batches. *Our soaps have been individually handcrafted so variance in pattern, color and design are expected; which each one its own unique design and character.