Our Story

Wildflower Naturals was created by Judianne & her husband Fred. Judianne is a licensed esthetician as well as a former Body Care buyer for Whole Foods. After studying aromatherapy in the mid-90's, these incredible oils became her passion and she has used essential oils for many years. She decided to study skin care as a back door entrance into the exciting world of Essential Oils. Judianne had wanted  to create her own line of natural soap for 10 yrs; she finally decided to take the plunge and never looked back.  She researches every herb, oil and ingredient she uses (probably why she is awake at all hrs). Judianne created a baby soap for one of her new grandsons, who is 5 and has never used anything else. Fred is a talented wood crafter and has created all the molds & displays, as well as designing beautiful soap dishes. Judianne's decision to make all natural products, using only herbs, clays & other natural ingredients for her creations, was a personal choice. Wildflower Naturals creates for your family, as well as our 3 children & 10 Grandchildren.

We do not use parabens, phthalates or formaldehydes. Our products are cruelty-free, never animal tested. We are animal lovers and have 3 rescue dogs. We use palm oil, but only from Sustainable RSPO vendors. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality products for your family and ours, naturally. We want to create a sensory experience!  We will never compromise!

We love feedback and can be contacted at wildflowernaturalsoap@gmail.com. We also do party favors for showers, weddings, special events as well as wholesale orders. Please contact Judianne @ 561-317-7094.  If  you have a special scent or product you would like us to create, please let us know! We will gladly look into it & contact you as soon as possible. We are not only creating & selling products, we are creating relationships. We are proud members of the HSCG!

💖 Judianne, Fred, Angel, Molly & Maize