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"Ouch" is an amazing balm that has been generating incredible reviews and is used by Drs, pt therapists & shipped all over the country for its amazing benefits. I created this product while living in Texas and while we cannot make any claims the reviews speak volumes!  

I infuse amazing organic herbs in olive oil for 3 months, then strain and add natural beeswax and organic coconut oil to create "Ouch". 

our formula is a proprietary blend of herbs and at present we cannot list them due to us seeking a patent. 

we carry both a 2 oz tin as well as a 2.5 container 



**please use a stick or other utensils to remove & apply the ouch! We pride ourselves on our ability to produce natural products that do not contain harmful preservatives!  If you fingers are not completely dry when retrieving the product can contaminate it, thereby producing mold, which is why we provide a small applicator for our tin!