What’s Right for Us”

Wildflower Naturals makes our products in small batches! We prefer that our products do not sit on the shelves for long periods of time. 

We are a small business, and are passionate about what we do. We put our hearts and souls into this business. We strive to make better products based on what we believe is the right choice for us.. While working  as a body buyer for Whole Foods, I took part in many trainings. These classes gave me a tremendous insight into the natural world. I chose to take the more natural route & our ingredients reflect this. We use “organic ingredients in many of our products, whenever possible. I don’t make lotions, which contain water,  so a preservative is necessary, I have decided to leave them out of our line as well as a few others products require preservatives. I started out using only herbs and clays to color our products, then after doing some research on micas and after finding out which ones are best, we are making many of my soaps using them. I did a lot of research on vendors for our ingredients and choose those who share our beliefs. I believe there are many directions to take in this industry and finding out what works best for your brand is up to each individual. This just happens to be our Vision!