Lotion Balms

Our salves/balms are created using an olive or almond oil infusion of carefully selected herbs bringing a desired effect to life. We use organic herbs in either an olive oil or almond oil base and each individual creation site for 2-3 months absorbing all the properties of the herbs.

 We also have some beams created with rich butters & essential oils..

Ouch” contains proprietary blend of organic herbs, in olive oil with organic coconut oil & beeswax 

Soothe” Contains an herbal lavender & calendula olive or almond oil infusion with beeswax. 

"Cracked” contains Shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, tea tree, rosemary & lavender essential oils blended together for optimal moisture for those times when your feet or even hands need some extra attention!