“Simply Natural”

Welcome to our aromatic nourishing soap collection! They are created for you and your family of all ages. 

Wildflower Naturals handcrafted soap contains none of those harsh chemicals used  in commercially made soap. Our soaps have nothing in common with them except for the word "soap”. We don’t use chemicals or additives nor do we test on animals. We try to stay as close to nature as possible.


Wildflower Naturals soap is handmade using pure, natural saponified coconut, palm, olive, safflower, rice bran and other oils. All of our bars have unrefined shea butter, some include botanicals, clays, charcoals, cocoa and even coffee to help moisturize, exfoliate and purify.  This explains why every bar is a nourishing, moisturizing soap that won't irritate or dry your skin. 

 The soaps are smooth and silky, never greasy & moisturizing.  Our bars range from 4.75-5.20 oz. 
*The soaps may vary in color from pictured soap. We craft our soaps in small batches which can cause color variations between batches.  One look at our soaps will definitely  tell you that we not create cookie cutter type soaps! Our soap Wizard does tend to color outside the lines! 😊