“The Ultimate Beard”

Wildflower Naturals Beard Oils consists of a carefully selected blend of Natural oils mixed with essential & fragrance oils to make your beard smell as good as it looks. Our beard oil is tested and designed to soften and condition while keeping your beard shimmering without feeling greasy. If you prefer more hold, try our Beard Balms!

our Beard oils contain:

  • Jojoba – is similar to your natural human oils and is easily absorbed by your skin
  • Apricot Kernel- Apricot oil is especially good at stimulating hair growth and retaining moisture to keep you feeling healthy. Besides adding amazing shine to your facial hairand penetrating deeply, it also softens the beard. This oil is also very light and is usefulin treating damaged skin under your beard
  • Coconut – one of the best natural moisturizing and hydrating products on the planet, great for dry environments.
  • Coconut oil's potential to also nourish and heal the skin beneath your beard helps stimulate beard growth. Healthier skin means less irritation as hair follicles grow to the skin's surface, while coconut oil also helps prevent the growth of wild hairs. When the skin is healthy, your beard is healthier, as well.

we use specially selected blend of Essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils to create our scents!